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Stop Paying
for Credit Reports

Eliminate your out-of-pocket credit reporting costs and put yourself in front of scores of consumers every month.

  • Attract new buyers with your own personalized BestQualify Pro page.

  • Save thousands every year by cutting credit reporting costs.

  • Trigger Proof your business and buyers from Trigger Lead abuses.

  • Use our easy-to-use lending tools that are approved by Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty®.

  • Meet all compliance requirements with our automated tools and resources.

BQ Mortgage Pro Page

Your free Pro Page gives your buyers access to expertly-curated content to help them become more credit-savvy and qualify for the best rates and terms!

Stop Paying for Credit Reports

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Consumers utilize the find a lender/realtor tool featured on the BestQualify site. Additionally, we digitally market directly to prospective borrowers nationwide providing instant access to their credit summary including FICO scores and customized score-improvement action plan.

Directing consumers to BestQualify before they apply for a mortgage or search for a home will make your job easier. They will be educated and knowledgeable about how to improve their credit to qualify for the best rates and terms possible.

BestQualify makes lenders immune to future credit reporting price changes by instantly eliminating all credit reporting costs. It also features automated tools to lock in more referral partners including builders and real estate professionals. To learn more, submit the online form above or give us a call at 800.445.4922