Credit IQ

Credit IQ

Test your credit IQ by answering the questions provided by our insider pros. We understand that it’s a lot of information to remember, so take the test as many times as you need! It will help you to discover which sections of the site you may need to revisit. Go ahead and try…you know more than you think.

Score & Credit Basics​


What is your score sense?

Score & Credit Basics Quiz

1 / 8

It takes a long time to improve a credit score.

2 / 8

A soft inquiry will not affect my credit score

3 / 8

If I have a high income, I will have a higher credit score

4 / 8

Closing an account can negatively affect my credit score

5 / 8

The mortgage industry uses Vantage Scoring instead of FICO

6 / 8

I can check my credit for free once a year

7 / 8

Credit scores fluctuate frequently

8 / 8

A delinquent payment does not affect my credit score

Mortgage Essentials​


Do you know what’s on your credit report?

Mortgage Essentials Quiz

1 / 9

I should not buy furniture for my new home before closing

2 / 9

Having late payments are acceptable as long as I pay

3 / 9

My credit report includes my medical history

4 / 9

Rental history will appear on my credit report

5 / 9

If I pay an account in full, it’s removed from my credit report

6 / 9

Leasing a new vehicle will result in a hard inquiry on my credit report

7 / 9

Poor credit history can prevent me from getting hired

8 / 9

My credit report includes my social security number

9 / 9

Bad credit stays with me forever

Buyer Alert


Do you have the know-how to score a mortgage?

Buyer Alert Quiz

1 / 10

If I need a mortgage modification, the best place to start is by contacting my mortgage company.

2 / 10

I do not need a credit repair company to help improve my score.

3 / 10

Trigger leads are illegal.

4 / 10

Mortgage relief companies can keep your home out of foreclose for a fee.

5 / 10

Buying a tradeline can hurt my credit score if the owner of the tradeline defaults on the loan.

6 / 10

There are rules that debt collectors must follow when trying to collect a debt.

7 / 10

It’s ok to omit something from your mortgage application if your lender says it’s OK.

8 / 10

You can go to jail if you provide false information on your mortgage application.

9 / 10

Opting out of trigger leads guarantees I won’t be contacted.

10 / 10

There is no such thing as a legitimate credit repair company.


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