BestQualify is a credit educational site to inform and teach potential home buyers the basics of credit and what steps to take to improve their credit score prior to applying for a mortgage loan.

There is no cost to use the site or attend webinars.

Yes. All of the featured lenders are part of the BestQualify network.

Yes, but if you work with a BestQualify affiliated professional, they are well-versed in the BestQualify program.

BestQualify is powered by Credit Technologies, a highly-reputable reporting agency that has been in business for over thirty years.

There is no cost for the webinar training.

Our BestQualify pros will take you on a deeper dive into the content that is featured on the site and other tips and information that is not currently on the site. Also, because the webinars are live, attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions.