How Do I Find a Reputable Credit Repair Company?

You Don't...

There is no such thing as a reputable credit repair company. Credit repair companies frequently make promises that are impossible for them to legally fill.

These companies market themselves as a solution to improve a consumer’s credit by working with the credit bureaus on their behalf—for a steep fee of course. It’s best to avoid the credit repair industry altogether due to shady business practices.

The Federal Trade Commission has often warned that the credit repair industry is filled with scams. These companies advertise constantly on different mediums in hopes of attracting consumers who are desperate to have their credit improved and don’t understand that they can do this without the help of a credit repair company.

Scam Behavior Often Exhibited Includes:

  • The promise that they can remove all negative information on your credit report even if it is correct
  • The guarantee that your credit score will be improved
  • The assurance that a brand-new credit identity can be legally created for you
  • Requiring consumers to pay for services in advance of any work being completed

You will hear a lot of tales from them, but one thing you will not be told is that you can improve your credit on your own. The bureaus will work directly with consumers at zero cost. You do not need a third party to do so on your behalf.

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